[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey compiler

Adrian Holovaty greasemonkey at holovaty.com
Sun Apr 24 18:37:17 EDT 2005

I've finally gotten around to finishing version 0.1 of the Greasemonkey 


Python source code:


It makes a Firefox extension (XPI) from a given user script. This is useful if 
you want to distribute your user scripts to people without having to ask them 
to install Greasemonkey. It can also be a helpful starting point if you want 
to write a more advanced Firefox extension.

There's no support yet for the proprietary Greasemonkey JavaScript functions, 
but I've tested it on a bunch of existing user scripts that don't use those 
functions, and the generated extensions have worked nicely.

Let me know what you think! Please send bugs, comments, etc.


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