[Greasemonkey] 3b function Bug?

Gary gary at inmendham.com
Sun Apr 24 22:26:54 EDT 2005

quote:--"Are you trying to use GM_* but still be cross-browser?  How 
would that work?"

Well in my opinion, it works [did] pretty damn good

With the old greasemonkey I could make a few minor changes to the same 
.js file and have it work-- hard coded in the page ( IE or moz), have 
greasemonkey automatically load it, or inject it with a single click 
using IE.

I figure I probably can figure a way around your limitation (but 
certainly don't want to) and I have little doubt that the forces of evil 
will not be stopped by any deliberate (Security) limitation you place on 
functionality. I realize you're all thinking of gm in terms of lots of 
little scripts, doing kind of little things... I think it makes more 
sense to encourage more aggressive use of the client side power grease 
monkey provides-- I'm almost thinking of building a 500 or 600 K "user 
script" the would provide always on, always instant, access to the best 
of the dmoz/google directory. Anyway, if I have a vote, I vote no to 
security at a cost of functionality. It really isn't that hard "to out" 
the bad players and let the innocent roam free.

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