[Greasemonkey] Locked out of Gmail

Matthew Weymar matthew.weymar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 12:09:22 EDT 2005

On 4/25/05, Adrian Holovaty <greasemonkey at holovaty.com> wrote:
> Brady Joslin wrote:
> > This morning I got a message saying my Gmail account was locked due to
> > a third party script interacting with their site.  Here is a
> > screenshot of the message I got when logging in to my account:
> >
> > http://photos7.flickr.com/10856642_1720f0035e_o.jpg
> This is a bad, bad sign. Keep us posted on their response...

A sign of things to come, "no doubt" - at least in my mind.

I'm not thinking just about Google, but very generally. GM makes
possible any number of things site *users* would want to do that site
owners *wouldn't* want them to do. (For example, couldn't you write a
script that would display Google's sponsored links in such a way that
Google wouldn't get paid for 'click throughs'?...)

In the case of Gmail, the site owner has obvious and easy recourse -
unless there's some catch I can't quite imagine. In other cases -
where there's no acct to disable (e.g., maps.google.com, for
comparison's sake) - I guess they can still disable all scripts, can't
they?... I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen if and when GM
really starts to spread.

Question: Would it be possible for site owners to trust the use of
certain, specified scripts? Or would it be impossible to secure this
vs. spoofing?... I'm just trying to imagine a kind of compromise betw.
site owners and users.


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