[Greasemonkey] Locked out of Gmail

Brady Joslin brady.joslin at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 12:27:59 EDT 2005

This is the second time this has happend in my 2 weeks of using GM
scripts.  The first time happend the day after I installed GM
Gmail-related scripts.  I turned them off until a day or two ago and
was just locked out again.  Therefore after using Gmail for probably
over a year, I've never been locked out when GM scripts were not

No weird emails, no other interaction with their service, etc.

Here are the Gmail scripts I had activated:

Gmail delete button
Secure Gmail

I have no idea which is causing the issue and don't have time to
analyze it since I'm in the middle of finals.  For now I've just
turned them off.


On 4/25/05, Scott R. Turner <srt at aero.org> wrote:
> How does Google know you're using a script?  I don't use Gmail and I
> haven't looked at the Gmail scripts, but unless you're using URLs or
> some pattern that isn't normally possible, I can't see how they'd know
> you were using a script.  Or why they'd bother building software to
> detect it.  At worst they might build something to see if you're being
> served lots of mail without the advertisements.
> My guess is that something else tripped the automated alarm.  Maybe
> you had some unusual messages, accidently requested the same page a
> zillion times, or something like that.
>                -- Scott
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Brady Joslin

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