[Greasemonkey] Rich text editor replacement for textarea

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Tue Apr 26 02:34:13 EDT 2005

Julien Couvreur wrote:

>Renamed the thread (used to be "hello").
>CCing Matt Labrum, who mentioned his wysiwyg editor for a forum
>(Mybb), in another thread:
Since everyone's been linking various Javascript ways of making rich 
text editors, I thought I'd mention that Mozilla has the Midas API.

IE has something similar.

>Such a generic editor, that would support different modes (for
>different formats: wiki, html,...), is a really good idea.
>Spell checking like http://ponderer.org/gm_spell_check would be a good
>thing to have in there too.
I recommend the Spellbound extension myself.

>I'm wondering whether making links of WikiWords could be a problem:
>the url format is rather specific to each wiki.

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