[Greasemonkey] Rich text editor replacement for textarea

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Wed Apr 27 02:49:00 EDT 2005

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> On 4/26/05, Nikolas Coukouma <lists at atrus.org> wrote:
> > I should mention that if you use Midas, you have a DOM ready to be
> > serialized into whatever format you want.
> Well... I'm not sure if this is exactly what you were talking about,
> but I did some really really quick implementation of going through the
> DOM to generate the tags.
> http://ed.agadak.net/richText/rte.html
> Now it shows an attempted switch back to [tags] when clicking on the page.
> Julien, were you having issues with regular expressions trying to
> match the generated html?
> On a side note, giving iframe src="data:..." gives permission errors
> which does make sense because the target domain is different from the
> current one.
> --
> Ed

Wow thats fair good at the moment im using quite a few regalar expressions 
to match and replace images and links and color etc

I've managed to parse nearly any images combo (bugs up if a drag and dropped 
image contains onload) I can parse urls , colors by making the innerHTML of 
midas pass down through quite a few regular expressions Im thinking your way 
might be more effictive.

http://dt.x.xstreamhost.com/gm/msgplusforumwysiwyg.user.js inside that is a 
function called "cleanoutput" and thats what Im using to replace the html 
into bbcode at the moment.

Maby we should set up some sort of Cvs where we could make a unified parsing 
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