[Greasemonkey] Crash on "Install User Script"

Nikolas 'Atrus' Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Wed Apr 27 05:08:17 EDT 2005

a.list.address at gmail.com wrote:

>Thanks for your reply, Nikolas.
>Yes, it's 0.2.6.  I'm afraid that something is messed up in Firefox's
>chrome, because I ran the Profile Manager, made a new profile,
>installed Greasemonkey, and it worked.  Argh!
>I did run Firefox from the command line, and the only thing it said
>was "Segmentation fault" when Firefox crashed.
>The only thing I can think of that might be a clue was an obtuse error
>message that was displayed in the console when I ran Firefox after
>setting some extensions to be uninstalled (maybe it was Greasemonkey
>itself, I can't remember).  I think it said that it was unable to
>unregister some chrome, but I do recall that it did not say which
>extension or chrome it was unable to unregister; being so unhelpful, I
>ignored it.
>I've invested a lot of time in customizing this Firefox profile with
>extensions, toolbar changes, etc.  All of my other extensions work
>perfectly!  Is there anything I can do to fix this without making a
>new profile?
Hrm. I'm not sure where to start ... my simple suggestion is to try
disabling all of your modifications and then enabling them one by one,
testing for errors as you go. It's slow and tedious, but it should get
you there.

I wonder if GDB could be used to pinpoint the problem, somehow. If you 
tar or zip your chrome directory and post it somewhere, I'll try to find
time to tinker with it.

Hopefully someone will chime in with a better suggestion.

-Nikolas 'Atrus' Coukouma

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