[Greasemonkey] Locked out of Gmail

Matthew Gertner matthew at allpeers.com
Wed Apr 27 12:02:08 EDT 2005


> There's been a lot of discussion on this point.
> See "Greasemonkey: an Historical Perspective" in the archives, for
> example:
> http://www.mozdev.org/pipermail/greasemonkey/2005-April/001318.html
> http://www.mozdev.org/pipermail/greasemonkey/2005-April/thread.html
> I think the consensus was, let GM be a user's tool, and let site
> owners disagree if they like.
> Of course, this list is heavily skewed towards people who are
> enthusiastic about GM, and screw all you ad pushers, ya hear?
> (Matt, did you decide writing here wasn't useful?)

Not at all, although I do think that I successfully flogged that particular
horse to death. Having had some useful discussion on this list, I agree that
a vigilant "wait-and-see" approach makes the most sense.

I'll probably start ranting more about the script vs. extension dichotomy
soon. I find this a fascinating topic, and I was disappointed that the last
thread about this didn't provoke more discussion. On the other hand, I was
glad to see that someone wrote a converter (thanks Adrian!). One less thing
on my to-do list. That does mean that I'll have to find another excuse to
get into the guts of GM, however! :-)


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