[Greasemonkey] Automatic Aadvark Scripts

Scott R. Turner srt at aero.org
Thu Apr 28 11:22:22 EDT 2005

First of all, thanks to everyone for the suggestions and feedback.
They were very helpful.

The latest version of AardvarkGM (which I've attached) now implements
scripting for all the Aardvark commands, and pops up a script which
you can directly install in the usual GreaseMonkey way.

I want to apologize in advance to anyone who actually reads the
script.  It's not exactly obsfucated but it isn't exactly
straightforward, either.  At any rate, it was fun to code!

And I have to say that although I tackled this primarily for the
intellectual challenge, I think the functionality is actually pretty
darn useful.

 	-- Scott
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