[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey Inactive

Paul Jobson paul at jobson.us
Wed Apr 27 17:03:56 EDT 2005

Not sure if this has been discussed before.

The install of Greasemonkey was flawless, unfortunatly, it seems to be 
totally disabled.  I cannot install scripts or anything.  I tried 
disabling all of my other extensions, that didn't seem to work.  I 
restart firefox a bunch of times, again no luck.  I moved the 
Greasemonkey extension to the top of the extensions list, again same 
problem.  I took some screen captures to show what I'm talking about.


Screen Caps

Greasemonkey 0.2.6
Firefox 1.0.3
Windows XP

	DOM Inspector (1.0)
	Greasemonkey (0.2.6)
	Web Developer (0.9.3)
	Adblock (0.5 d2 * nightly 39
	Flat Bookmark Editing (0.7)
	Gmail Notifier 0.4.2)
	googlebar (
	JS Console Extras (0.2)
	jsLib Lite (0.1.278)
	del.icio.us (0.3.4)
	Tab Clicking Options (0.5)
	JavaScript Debugger (0.9.84)
	Download Manager Tweak (0.6.5)
	Bandwidth Tester (0.4.1)
	Image Zoom (0.1.7)
	ColorZilla (0.8.2)
	Tabbrowser Preferences (1.2.4)
	Tab X (0.5)
	Feedview (0.9.7)

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