[Greasemonkey] Question: what would happen if Greasemonkeysentthe ID of every applicable user script with each request?

Michael Bierman greasemonkey at thebiermans.net
Fri Apr 29 10:19:48 EDT 2005


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From: Matthew Gertner


Where this type of argument loses me is that it ignores the possibilities
for obfuscation (changing IDs, adding empty DIVs and SPANs, etc.) that could
disable a script without having to have direct influence over client-side
behavior. To me this invalidates your claim that we might as well tell site
operators that we are using GM, since they can't do anything about it

MB> I agree. While technically maybe sites can target GM specifically, all
they need to do to cause mayhem is remove or dynamically generate IDs, class
names, etc. They don't have to create a fortress--just make it enough of a
pain in the ass to keep up with changes that it becomes impractical for most
if not all GM users to create scripts that work and don't require constant

At the same time, I still think that it would be a good idea to let site
operators know what is going on in the client. Maybe it would be useful to
separate GM usage into two categories: a) blocking ads and b) everything
else. The former is already a battlefield, and GM is just a new weapon that
doesn't do anything substantial to change the overall game rules. For
scripts in category b), however, I think it would be a good thing if sites
knew they were running and could take appropriate action (like preventing
them from doing anything harmful if the site structure changes).

MB> I haven't followed all of this conversation, but I don't see why GM
should report anything back to the viewed site.  AFAIK, most extensions
aren't reported back to the web site...the only possible good I can see is
that perhaps some sites might eventually be impressed by how many GM users
there are and create more standards compliant sites--but I think that's a
long short and not enough justification for revealing what's installed on my
machine.  At the same time, I see great risk that sites would do what they
can to make GM useless from a practical standpoint. 

MB> Now there is something that I like about this discussion--at least what
I think it was about from the subject line?  What if there was a debug mode
that alerted the user as to what scripts were being executed on any
particular site?  That would be a very useful tool for managing potential
conflicts between user scripts and between user scripts and site scripts. 


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