[Greasemonkey] Crash on "Install User Script"

Matthias Bauer ml-greasemonkey-42imk83y at moeffju.net
Fri Apr 29 19:33:08 EDT 2005

On 29.04.2005 04:50 a.list.address at gmail.com wrote:

>>I know we're incompatible with Compact Menu and Menu Editor, if that helps.
> ...Oh.  I'm using Compact Menu (I love it, much cleaner interface,
> more space for the address bar and pages...).  I guess that would
> explain it.  Maybe that information could be made more prominent on
> the Web site?

The only bug with Compact Menu and Greasemonkey is that the menu entries
in Tools don't work. Going through Tools>Extensions>Greasemonkey>Options
works, though.

BTW, could we have a context menu on the little status bar monkey? Just
something to quicker reach the Manage dialog?


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