[Greasemonkey] Question: what would happen if Greasemonkey sentthe ID of every applicable user script with each request?

Mark Pilgrim pilgrim at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 16:40:10 EDT 2005

On 4/30/05, Julien Couvreur <julien.couvreur at gmail.com> wrote:
> Advertising the GM scripts being run on a page is mostly not about
> stability. If 50% of a site's users were using a given user script,
> maybe that shows a problem in the site or cool feature that is worth
> fixing/implementing.

Yes.  But you are then jumping to the conclusion thatthe content
provider would listen to their users and implement the feature that
50% of them had gone to the trouble of implementing themselves.  But
that's not actually what happens.


And don't try to split hairs like "well GM isn't a proxy," or "well
there wouldn't be copyright violations because we're not
republishing," or whatever.  Odeon would have found a way to screw the
guy, regardless of the circumstances.  And if GM starts announcing
itself in any way, the next Odeon will find a way to screw you too. 
Why make it easier for them?


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