[Greasemonkey] Edit scripts in "Manage" with version 0.3b - keep getting First time Alert

Alec Burgess buralex at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 17:24:21 EDT 2005


Trying to use the [Edit] button and I keep getting the popup telling me to
associate .js or .user.js with a text editor.

I'm using Win2K-SP4 and have set .JS to open with my text editor (PSPad) on
double-click from Windows Explorer.

FWIW: I'm not sure how I would create a different association for .user.js
than for .js but both are being opened by PSPAd.

This looks like the chunk of "manage.xul" that's failing but I don't know
how to get through it 

        function handleEditButton() {
          if (navigator.userAgent.match(/\bwindows\b/i) &&
            alert("Hello! Looks like you're on Windows and that this is the
your " +
                  "first time editing a user script.\n\nTake this
opportunity " +
                  "to verify that you have associated either the .user.js or
" +
                  "the .js extension with a text editor on your computer. "
                  "Otherwise, you may get funny errors.\n\nWhen you're done,
" +
                  "come back here and press OK.");

            prefMan.setValue("warnedWindowsEditor", true);


Regards ... Alec

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