[Greasemonkey][OT] venkman broken in firefox 1.0.4

chris feldmann cfeldmann at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 03:45:40 EDT 2005

Though you'll never catch a greasemonkey script executing normally in 
venkman, maybe on occasion you start off with some inline javascript that 
indeed can be debugged this way. Recently I had to do just that, only to 
find that it is broken in firefox 1.0.4 due to modifications in the security 
model. To save anyone else a search ahead of time, here's a link to the 
bugzilla page, a diff that fixes it, and (if you're not afraid I'm trying to 
fuck with you), a fixed .jar file.

bug page: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=293933
A diff that fixes the problem (from comment 7 in the bugzilla page): 
Easy-peasy instructions to manually apply the diff (note: substitute any zip 
program for jar in the example): 
A copy of the jar already unpacked, diffed, and repacked: 
It goes in:
[mozilla preferences dir in your OS]/profiles/[your 
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