[Greasemonkey] Google Maps mashups now officially supported

Chris Nachtman chris.nacht at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 04:52:39 EDT 2005

Could the iframe just be put into an expandable/collapsible or hidden
div?  Have a small floating div appear in the corner of a page with a
link that expands it or shows the hidden div containing the map.  Set
it's z-axis and float so that it appears on top of all other page
content when expanded/shown.

That way you can preserve the structure of the site, and avoid any new popups.

On 7/1/05, chris feldmann <cfeldmann at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, actually, (and I never thought I'd say this) but once you've
> eliminated _unwanted_ popups, you can find again - in particular and
> selective instances - places where they're actually useful, or at least
> that's been my experience. I mean, when you explicity ask for them. I have
> certainly found myself clicking the little yellow bar and choosing "Allow
> popups for www.this.site.com only" more often than I would have expected
> nowadays. And compared to an iframe (or even a div) that has to be large
> enough to seriously manhandle page layout to fit itself in, it might at
> times be a more elegant solution.
>  I'm just sayin'.
>  (Note this could also be a user preference merely _available_ as an option
> in a userscript).
> On 7/1/05, Mark Pilgrim < pilgrim at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 7/1/05, chris feldmann < cfeldmann at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > shoehorn an entire frame into an unsuspecting site. Another possibility
> > > (with its own rather obvious problems) is an entire popup window...
> > 
> > Oh yeah, that's definitely what we need: Greasemonkey scripts that 
> > *add* popup windows.
> > 
> > --
> > Cheers,
> > -Mark

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