[Greasemonkey] ebay - show thumbnails for all auctions script

chris feldmann cfeldmann at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 12:47:19 EDT 2005

Submit it to the repository and on the user-requests page, insert a boast 
about having achieved the impossible (at least that's what I would do). 
Submit a link here if you want some other eyeballs on it first!

On 7/3/05, John <gm at plsek.id.au> wrote:
> Looking through the "Impossible" requests, I came across the following: 
> eBay-- Show thumbnails for 'all' auctions that have pictures and not just 
> those that have paid for gallery.
> There's no way to know given an arbitrary listing in a search result what 
> the URL to a picture of the item is.
> Where should I submit a possible solution (it works for me)? Or has 
> someone already done it? 
> John 
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