[Greasemonkey] ebay - show thumbnails for all auctions script

Bill Donnelly donnelly at snowcrest.net
Sun Jul 3 14:39:25 EDT 2005

Nice to know I'm not the only one who "doesn't have a life." ;)

FYI: I've made some fairly major modifications to some
bookmarklets and to a few extensions, so I am going to
add some pages for them along with my GmScript page.
(and I've modified my Fix Colors script, yet again, altho
the current version isn't published yet -- will it never end?)

I still haven't decided if I will offer my version of Gm
as an alternate Greasemonkey extension, but I probably won't.
Or I'll put it up so people can look at it and use any
of the code if they want. And for extension coding edification.

I've also made arrangements to sell a t-shirt with my
monkey logo(s) at cost for anyone who wants one.

Links will be added to my site as I get them done.

I'm also contemplating a site redesign, even though I like
my current design, even if it isn't what many think a
(good) website should look like. I'm trying to envision
something between standard and stuffy and what I have now.


Happy Fourth of July to the Americans among us.

Jack the Ripper may have been quite insane,
but he had beautiful penmanship.
btw -- Don't look back!
The lemmings are gaining on you.

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