[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey 0.4

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Mon Jul 4 11:07:53 EDT 2005

Aaron Boodman wrote:

>In keeping with an illustrious tradition of obsessive programmers
>everywhere, I've done a pretty large refactor of Greasemonkey while
>trying to implement a few minor new features.
>I'd love it if people could give it a testdrive and see if they see
>any glaring issues. The expected feature set (as well as explanation
>such as it is) can be found in this blog post:
>    *  A "new" button in the manage UI
>    * Compatibility with latest Deer Park builds
>    * Compatibility with Seamonkey
>    * Compatibility with Menu Editor (but not Compact Menu probably)
>    * Less of a chance of being detected or stopped by page authors
>    * Minor UI improvements, such as being able to press Enter/Esc in
>the various dialogs
>    * Easier development of future features
>    * No more memory leaks
>    * Accelerator keys for menu commands
>Issues I'm already aware of:
>* manage screen bounces around as you change the selected script (at
>least on mac)
>* user script commands menu item doesn't disable, even if there are no
>commands available
>* accel hint text doesn't show up next to user script command items
>(but accel should work)
>Things I'd like to know about:
>* doesn't work with xyz script
>* doesn't work with xyz browser (should now work with latest firefoxes
>- branch and aviary - as well as seamonkey)
>* memory leaks
>* performance issues
>I've tested this personally in latest release Seamonkey from
>mozilla.org, Deer Park Alpha 1, Release Firefox 1.0.4.
Any reason this hasn't been committed to CVS?

-Nikolas Coukouma

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