[Greasemonkey] Re: ebay - show thumbnails for all auctions script

John gm at plsek.id.au
Tue Jul 5 03:26:00 EDT 2005

Stephan Walter wrote:

> It is always the same: 
> http://pics.ebaystatic.com/aw/pics/icon/iconPic_20x20.gif
Updated, thanks Stephan.

Two things I don't quite understand.
1) There's a noticeable lag before the first thumb is loaded.
2) sometimes the "new" thumbs seem badly positioned (shifted right by 
about 10px). If I "run" the bookmarklet I refer to on the very temporary 
web page for this script, it fixes it up. Just wonderring if I should 
trigger something similar on "load", or has my script missed the boat to 
be doing body onload events? It happens so infrequently, but I added the 
function of the bookmarklet as an onload event anyway!



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