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Prakash Kailasa pk-moz at kailasa.net
Tue Jul 5 11:36:00 EDT 2005

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 03:23:45PM +0200, Matthew Gertner wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Stef Magdalinski and I collaborated on a new AJAX-style script that embeds
> Technorati links in every webpage you visit. The design even looks quite
> nice since it was spruced up by Gina Haeussge (aka Foosel). Among other
> things, it's another good demonstration of what you can do with
> semi-transparent iframes, which I noticed were mentioned here recently in
> the context of the Google Maps API.
> The script and my brief description are here:
> http://www.allpeers.com/blog/2005/07/05/technoproxy/.

Nice script.

Just a couple of quick suggestions.

Add a "z-Index: 999;" to the style rules for the iframe. Prevents it
from being hidden by other elements (visit
http://blakeross.com/index.php?p=152 and click on the Q icon to see
the problem).

It is better to assign an id to the the Q icon and retrieve that later
using document.getElementById, instead of referring to it by
document.body.firstChild. The reason is it's not guaranteed to be the
firstChild if another script is run after this one, and adds another
element to the beginning of the body. In such case, clicking the Q
icon would remove the wrong element. Another way to refer to the icon
is to use e.target.


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