[Greasemonkey] TechnoProxy

Matthew Gertner matthew at allpeers.com
Tue Jul 5 19:10:35 EDT 2005

Well, the thing is that I only want to display the icon when there are
actually links from Technorati (which is the exception, of course, not the
rule). Why do you find it confusing this way? To me it kind of makes sense
that the icon pops up asynchronously...


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> > The script and my brief description are here:
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> I'd also suggest that you put up the little Q first, and do the
> request after that.  Sometimes the technorati request takes a while,
> and it's a bit confusing.
> Maybe when you init the request, set a flag that sez "pending", and
> when the user clicks on the Q before the response comes back, just
> show "loading..." ala Book Burro.
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