[Greasemonkey] automate with Firefox?

Jeremy Dunck jdunck at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 09:22:32 EDT 2005

On 7/6/05, Jason Green <jason at everydayjones.com> wrote:
> Since there is a script to automatically log you into MySpace, is it
> possible to write something that would then automate tasks? Example,
> it'd log into myspace and leave a text message in each of the friends
> comment box.

I don't see why not.  You'd probably have to do some clever stuff..
Like have a script per task, and have a stored value which you'd use
to determine whether to do your automated task.

So say you wanted to post a comment to a list of users once per day.

You could have a script w/ a list of user names and, upon reaching the
post-login page, you could check a value to see if it's been a day
since last posts.  If so, do async posts w/ xmlhttprequest, and then
set the value.  Displaying a completion status would also be nice.  :)

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