[Greasemonkey] Does Gm work with Camino?

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Fri Jul 8 01:30:06 EDT 2005

Aaron Boodman wrote:

>>You are correct. Camino is a XUL-free Gecko browser. We'd basically have
>>to write a whole new version of Greasemonkey for it. It's not as big a
>>job as, say, Turnabout, because there's still XPCOM but it will take a
>>fair amount of work.
>Interesting. Even more reason to make the Greasemonkey core an XPCOM
>service. This is something I had looked into before mostly for early
>injection, but it seems like the right thing to do in general.
>- a
I was thinking the same thing. Our language options seem to be
JavaScript, C, C++,  Objective C, Python, Perl, and Ruby.

Creating XPCOM Components:
Creating XPCOM components with JavaScript

-Nikolas Coukouma

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