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Sun Jul 10 11:38:18 EDT 2005

Have people seen this? The nitty-gritty:

 Small Startup Company (SSC, for short) wastes no time convincing the 
> myriads of sites that work with its application to support their app, 
> whether it's a chicklet or some other type of integration. Instaed SSC 
> creates a robust set of GreaseMonkey tools that allow their users to utilize 
> their sites' functionality anywhere it makes sense, adding value to some 
> sort of online task or experience. Thanks to GreaseMonkey, the cost of 
> making a new application/technology useful to users is next to nothing, 
> easing use and speeding adoption. Rather than spends months on the phone, 
> brokering deals with various sites or services, you simply make it 
> dirt-simple for your users to user your app where and when it makes sense, 
> making their lives better and making your stuff easier to use.

The bottom line: 

if you're a new app looking to gain an edge, you better be looking at 
GreaseMonkey; you can't afford not to.

Here's the link:

Doin' the Greasemonkey<http://www.blogdigger.com/blog/2005/07/10/1120977901000.html>

Dave Lovely.
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