[Greasemonkey] automate with Firefox?

Jason Green jason at everydayjones.com
Mon Jul 11 01:47:40 EDT 2005

It's only spam when you're not affiliated with something. You have to 
accept someone as your friend before you can receive any comments. It's 
as simple as deleting a friend if you don't want them to comment.

So, I have to disagree with you.

-Jason Green

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Evan Martin wrote:

>On 7/6/05, Jason Green <jason at everydayjones.com> wrote:
>>Since there is a script to automatically log you into MySpace, is it
>>possible to write something that would then automate tasks? Example,
>>it'd log into myspace and leave a text message in each of the friends
>>comment box.
>Sounds suspiciously like spamming to me...
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