[Greasemonkey] New Script Manager UI

esquifit at yahoo.de esquifit at yahoo.de
Tue Jul 12 01:07:13 EDT 2005


> I would like to see the enable/disable checkbox on each line.
If the new UI is to resemble the extension manager in any way, it would
be desirable that this feature should behave and look the same in both
userscripts and extension managers.

> I really would like an icon, just for coolness' sake. Also easy.
> I like to make icons and such. And they're so pretty..... (maybe 16x16?)
A problem here is that attaching an icon would make the distribution of
userscripts more cumbersome.  As an alternative, one could devise an
optional header with de base64-encoded icon, or a url with the data:
pseudo-protocol.  The favicon-approach is also possible: download once
from a true server, and use the cached icon from now on.

> And I have an extension that adds a CLOSE button to the far left of the
> buttons on the extension manager -- I think it's ridiculous not having one.
> You should never be required to close a dialog by clicking the upper right
> [X] close button. That is bad design, plain and simple. (go ahead and 
> disagree
> with me -- but I'm right and you're wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! 
> Wrong!)
Sorry, I totally agree with you... ;)   As a user,  after carrying out a series
of changes and then clicking on the [X] I get the impression of being
discarding all my changes. I see the [X] closer to "cancel" than to



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