[Greasemonkey] setting cookies from greasemonkey

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 13:41:28 EDT 2005

On 7/14/05, Julien Couvreur <julien.couvreur at gmail.com> wrote:
> A workaround: you can try reloading the page if you detect it's the
> "no cookie found" version of the page.

Yes - I suspect a drawback of that work-around is that the reloading
might be noticable to the user.
> For the tab question: is the tab being opened in the same domain or a
> different domain?

In general, it could be a different domain. Imagine a greasemonkey
script that would run on '*' and would provide a javascript action
where the user could reach a third site; the gm script would want to
determine the set of cookies being presented when the user clicks that

 - Godmar

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