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Robert G. Werner robert at inreachtech.net
Thu Jul 14 13:04:35 EDT 2005

Nikolas Coukouma wrote:
> Blake West wrote:
>>>First of all, Java and Javascript are completely different languages, so
>>>you might want to start by reading a primer/tutorial/etc on it.
>>JavaScript is probably the worst language name in history. I have
>>worked with developers that thought JavaScript was a derivative of
>>Java even after they worked with it for several months, just because
>>of that false pattern VB:VBScript::Java:JavaScript.
> Yeah, it's all Netscape's fault for tapping into the Java hype at the
> time. If it's any consolation, they did develop LiveConnect so
> Javascript can interact with Java applets.
> I make a point of writing it with a lower-case 's' in the vain hope to
> keep people from parsing it as "java script". Oh well.
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The other part of this that is amusing is that now that Sun wants to
have some sort of scripting in Java they have to call it Beanscript.
Was this a case of not enforcing trademarks?

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