[Greasemonkey] How do you unmake some Firefox the default browser under XP?

Roderick McGuire mcguire at telerama.com
Mon Jul 18 01:55:37 EDT 2005

I run multiple Firefoxes from different profiles at the same time under 
XP. That way my normal Firefox with 10 windows, each with 10 tabs wont 
die when I use a different Firefox to do something that may make Firefox 

I use the most recent official releases and follow the instruction given 
as Hack #94 in “Firefox Hacks” 
http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/firefoxhks/ to create multiple Firefoxes.

The instructions are::
  1. download  http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/
  2. run ResHacks.exe
  3. do /file/open/  on “firefox.exe” wherever it is.
  4. drill down to /String Table/7/1033/ and change “Firefox” to some 
other name. I've made FireDog, FireCat, and FirePig
  5. Click on [Compile Script]
  6. do /File/Save As/ and give a name like “firepig.exe”.

This scheme was working fine until somehow I accidentally activated 
FireDog rather than FireFox, It asked me if it should be the default 
browser and thinking that it was FireFox and something had subverted my 
defaults I said yes. Now whenever I try to run FireFox I wind up running 

How can I tell firedog.exe that it is not the default browser? I've 
searched for this info and have found no answers.

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