[Greasemonkey] GreaseMonkeyed.com - Script Repository

Britt Selvitelle anotherbritt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 02:00:05 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,

Jesse and I are very happy to release http://greasemonkeyed.com, a
repository we've been working on for greasemonkey scripts. We've been
working on this for a few weeks now, and we hope everyone enjoys it.
There are a couple things it provides that we think are pretty cool:

There are two types of script hosting. The slickest way (in my
opinion) to add your script is to host it wherever you like and
register the url with greasemonkeyed. It then extracts all the script
info: author, description, etc out of the script and you're ready to
go. This way you can just maintain the script on your site and not
have to worry about having the latest copy everywhere. Then every
night we check for the latest updates in all scripts in the
repository. (you can instantly apply changes as well if you are antsy
to get a new version up :)

Of course if you'd like a place to host it, you can upload your script
to our server and we host it there.

Tagging: yes it's another tagging app :) Check the site for details.

Vote on Ideas: From the front page you can submit ideas for scripts.
Anyone can vote on these ideas. Every month we're going to buy a
flickr pro account for the highest rated idea!

Claiming your script: We've sucked in all the scripts from the wiki so
chances are your scripts are already on the site. Of course you'd like
to manage your script, so for us to assign you as an owner of a script
just shoot an email to monkeyoil at gmail.com with your email and the
script's url. I'm in hawaii for the week but Jesse's not on vacation
(haha) and I'm checking my email a few times a day when not surfing :)

What about userscripts.org?
Jesse and I started working on this without knowing that anyone was
working on another greasemonkey repository in parallel. Should there
be multiple repositories in such a niche market? We're not sure. But
we're all good friends and we'll figure something out when we cross
that road :)

Of course we're still working on a lot of features, so email us with
suggestions or bugs. Ok, gotta get back to the beach (I'm at a coffee
shop Kailua) :)


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