[Greasemonkey] GreaseMonkeyed.com - Script Repository

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 10:34:49 EDT 2005

> Talking about update.rdf, how come GM 3.3 does not have an updateURL
> in its install.rdf?

Mainly because I never got around to doing it. But it turns out that
was the right thing to (not) do. Since GM is distributed on
addons.mozilla.org, it's apparently taken care of for us:


> I tried "check for updates" and it still says 3.3 is the most current version.

That's because extensions on addons.mozilla.org have to be reviewed.
I've already submitted it, but it takes a day or so. It would be neat
to setup a proxy so that when we post GMs to temporary servers while
we're waiting for addons, requests for update.rdf would automatically
be pointed there.

- a

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