[Greasemonkey] say horray for evalInSandbox()

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Tue Jul 19 14:11:37 EDT 2005

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Aaron Boodman wrote:

> Which patch?
evalInSandbox.patch as attached. Is there anything better available?
Is this horribly broken in some way I don't know about? (I know it's
slow and error reporting is broken)

It doesn't trigger Mark's warning and it seems to work okay with a
test script or two. Even if it breaks a bunch, it's better than having
no Greasemonkey at all, yes?

> On 7/19/05, Nikolas Coukouma <lists at atrus.org> wrote:

> Aaron Boodman wrote:
>> Thanks to help from Shaver and Brendan I was able to get this
>> working with basically zero compatibility loss from previous
>> versions.
>> This should be more or less immune to script or API leakage.
>> Check it out.
>> Only problems:
>> * it's pretty slow! ~20-40ms for each insertion * having trouble
>> getting decent error reports when user scripts fail
> I've rolled a version of 0.4 with the patch applied. It works in
> Deer Park, unlike 0.3.5 . The caveats mentioned above still apply,
> of course, but it's probably more bearable than disabling
> Greasemonkey or running around with a vulnerable version.
> http://atrus.org/hosted/greasemonkey-0.4.0-alpha.xpi |MD5 checksum:
> e7fdb2dbb85e96d1c880bb66bcfab468
> -Nikolas Coukouma

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