[Greasemonkey] decision time: compatibility or anonymity?

Anthony Lieuallen arantius at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 18:20:57 EDT 2005

My two cents:

I think the enhanced security is great.  It's worth a bit of
disorientation as scripts are updated.  But with the near-universal
reference of the document object, I might suggest that this one and
only one object is referenced into the new scope.  Really, what script
doesn't do a document.evaluate or a document.getElement(s)BySomething?

Probably a clearly noted backwards-compatibility-only
this-is-deprecated-and-will-be-removed-in-a-future-version sort of
measure.  I think that this one object alone will maintain
compatibility with a lot of scripts that can then be updated more

That is, as long as that is still secure.

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