[greasemonkey] Where'd my scripts go

Josh Matthews mrlachatte at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 02:41:22 EDT 2005

Nothing at all in the greasemonkey folder.  I may have had a
greasemonkey 0.4 really old alpha, IIRC all the released versions
didn't work with the trunk builds and I don't remember exactly where I
got the version.  I think it was from the mailing list archives a
month ago or something.  Guess I have to go picking up my scripts
again ;_;


On 7/20/05, Nikolas Coukouma <lists at atrus.org> wrote:
> Josh Matthews wrote:
> > I updated to the 0.4 alpha that Atrus (Nikolai) linked to on his
> > livejournal, no problem.  Unfortunately, upon restarting, I discovered
> > that all my scripts were gone!  Is this supposed to happen? :(
> >
> > Josh
> Definitely not.
> Did you have one of the other 0.4 releases  (the ones Aaron posted on
> the list) installed? I've noticed that the extension manager acts funny
> when you install extensions with the same version number, but different
> contents. You can check chrome://greasemonkey/content/scripts/ to see if
> your scripts are still physically present.
> Poo, I say,
> -Nikolas Coukouma
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