[Greasemonkey] Claiming ownership of GreaseMonkeyed.com scripts

Lenny Domnitser ldrhcp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 16:51:11 EDT 2005

How about this method of claiming?

A file is created in the same directory or a subdirectory of the GM
namespace, which says who owns the namespace. So, if somebody's
namespace is http://example.com/myscripts, they can create a file at
the URL http://example.com/myscripts/etc/greasemonkeyedauth.txt, which
could look like this:

Script Owner: foo at example.com

When the user logs in to GreaseMonkeyed, they can submit the URL
http://example.com/myscripts/etc/greasemonkeyedauth.txt to claim that

Is this too complex? Are there any holes?

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