[Greasemonkey] Claiming ownership of GreaseMonkeyed.com scripts

Jesse Andrews anotherjesse at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 19:42:23 EDT 2005

> 1) scripts shouldn't have to change for directories

I agree that it shouldn't change for one directory (gmed or us.o) but
I think that having a standard way of storing meta-information in the
scripts would be useful.

For instance, many scripts have longer descriptions that programs
could automatically grab if there was an easier way to specify long
multiline descriptions.

One possiblity is for directories to look in scripts for info like
@author-name, ... and if it is missing ignore it (they are optional
fields then).

And as Britt said, we don't expect everyone to change their existing
scripts and will gladly import them by hand.  We want to follow the
DRY (don't repeat yourself) principal.  If there is not a standard way
to put this info in the script someone will having to repeated enter
the information in the repositories, and other locations that want to
pull this meta-data.


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