[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey 0.4 with Menu Editor

James Dempster letssurf at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 20:18:13 EDT 2005

Hi There,

I tried Greasemonkey prior to the 0.4 test version and it wouldn't work for 
me. It wouldn't install scripts and Mange User Scripts menu item under tools 
did nothing, but if I went to extensions and clicked options on Greasemonkey 
I would get the mange scripts dialog box. I was playing around with Menu 
Editor and found that when it was disabled Greasemonkey worked. Dunno what 
conflict happens there to stop it from working. Also I found that Menu 
Editor didn't actually stop Greasemonkey from working just stopped me from 
manging and installing scripts. Once they are installed and Menu Editor was 
enabled the user scripts would work, I just couldn't install new ones.

As of upgrading the 0.4 with Menu Editor enabled I found that Greasemonkey 
works more, Mange Scripts works, and Install This User Script works on some 
scripts but not others. New User Script does nothing.

Here is a list of user scripts that install

Here is a list of user scripts that don't install (do nothing)

Actually I found it hard to find ones that wouldn't install, I will look 
into the ones that won't install more later. But in the meantime if anyone 
can help that would be great.

If the user script it's self is at fault then surely Greasemonkey should 
display some sort of error saying it failed to install the user script.

Thanks for listening.
>From James
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