[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkeyed.com repository - broken (?) scripts.

Alec Burgess (g) buralex at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 21:06:20 EDT 2005

I've tagged four scripts as " aa_may_be_broken ":
>>Google Maps Add Waypoint google maps
 Add waypoints to existing maps
Google Maps Route Follow google maps
Prakash Kailasa
 Follow route of Google Maps directions
Google Maps: Show Lat/Long coordinates under mouse google maps
 Adds an element where lat/long of the mouse pointer
Salon Premium Pass  salon login

Two are currently unclaimed and I know Vlajbert is working on the Salon
Premium Pass.

I've tried to provide javascript console errors for each.

Hopefully this can be a mechanism to signal scripts that either the original
author or other talented greasemonkiers can use to find scripts that could
use some attention. Unfortunately I'm incompetent to fix them myself :-(

Regards ... Alec
; ( ) {  } [ ] \ |  9 0  + =  () {} []

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