[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey 0.4.1 (The Next Generation)

John Plsek gm at plsek.id.au
Wed Jul 27 16:21:49 EDT 2005

alan taylor wrote:

>Very very nice, thanks so much for the (speedy!) effort by all (esp
>Aaron). Fwiw, my install worked perfectly cleanly and all of my
>scripts function just as they used to. Whew.
>-Alan Taylor
>Greasemonkey mailing list
>Greasemonkey at mozdev.org
I second that emotion ... not one script has failed ... even the ones 
that "co-operate" ... which leads me to this (maybe obvious) observation.

One of my scripts "exposes" a function for one of my other scripts to 
use (window._runMe=internalFunction) ... using the DOM inspector, I can 
see the function there, yet I'm pretty sure that "content" can't see it 
- I tried dummying up a web page to hunt it down, no luck!!

Does this sound right?


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