[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey 0.4.1 (The Next Generation)

John Plsek gm at plsek.id.au
Wed Jul 27 17:28:54 EDT 2005

Aaron Boodman wrote:

>>(window._runMe=internalFunction) ... using the DOM inspector, I can
>>see the function there, yet I'm pretty sure that "content" can't see it
>>- I tried dummying up a web page to hunt it down, no luck!!
>What makes you think that content can't see it? I think that if it
>shows up i n DOM Inspector, then it is content accessible.
maybe my "test" was flawed -thing is, I saw that as a good thing - but, 
it's probably my test that's flawed

Greasemonkey does
window._myFunc=function() {return "hello";}

another script does
GM_log(typeof window._myFunc); .... "function" is output on js console

content does
<body onload="alert(typeof window._myFunc);"> .... alert box says 

am I missing something?


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