[Greasemonkey] GM-TNG - several bugs fixed

Thom Wetzel thomw at lmnopc.com
Wed Jul 27 15:06:30 EDT 2005

That's exactly what I'm saying. 

I just upgraded to the latest GM 0.4.1 you just released and Fx 1.0.6 
and javascript overrides are working in that environment. 

I'm just worried about losing the ability to do this when Deer Park is 
the standard.


Aaron Boodman wrote:

>>It's really preferable over replacing the onclick attribute, because I
>>can change the behavior of literally hundreds of objects with one call
>>instead of replacing each one seperately.
>Are you saying that they already have a function -- let's call it
>foobar -- that their onclick handlers all already point to that you
>want to redefine?
>If so, that is a different thing and I can totally understand it. Good point.
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