[Greasemonkey] Still can't uninstall GM

dart_board rfikel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 11:31:23 EDT 2005

Using win/xp FF v 1.0.6 greasemonkey 0.3.5

I have two problems with greasemonkey

1.won't uninstall .. all is says is greasemonky will be unistalled next
time you restart. I've restarted, rebooted and still..same problem

2. the little greasemonky icon in the status bar doesn't show up the
first time I open FF...only after I open a second instance of FF does it
display properly.

Now I have tried to manually uninstal greasmonky by deleting all refs to
it in chrome.rdf, extension.rdf and removing the folder from the
extension folder.... but this hoses FF completely. It refuses to start,
even in safe mode after that.

So, any suggestions besides deleting the profile and re-installing FF?

>  J G,
>  Wow, I went back and followed my own advice and moved my greasemonkey
> extension directory and found out what bad advice it was: I totally hosed
> firefox. I mucked around in extensions.rdf but couldn't get back up. So
> here's how I got back up:
>  (I'm going to assume you're using windows. I'm on w2k here at work, but
> XP's going to be pretty close).
>  1. Go download the firefox 1.06 installer if you don't have a copy lying
> around.
>  2. open up windows explorer and navigate to Documents and Settings->(your
> username)->Application Settings.
>  3. Find the Mozilla Directory and either delete it or move it to a
> temporary location.
>  4. Reinstall firefox.
>  5. Reinstall all your extensions and themes.
>  Sorry, man, for my bad advice. Good luck!

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