[Greasemonkey] firefox weirdness (namespace conflicts?)

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 12:18:17 EDT 2005

> > It sounds like that extension is playing with the tools menu and not
> > expecting other extensions' menu items to be in there?
> >
> No, it even happens if I comment out the XUL dealing with the menu.

Right, but it could be that extension's javascript which is doing it.
Like you said, removing that extension's javascript file stopped the
problem from happening. It is possible that the extension is monkeying
with the DOM nodes in the menu and something is getting dropped.
Without actually looking at that extension's code it's difficult to

> No, the exception is not reported; GM dies a silent death during initialization.
> I know of the exception only because I debugged GM and found out
> exactly where it died during it's initialization and then I wrapped
> those places in the try/catch clauses I showed in my original email.
> What I recommend is to wrap the initialization in browser.xul (all of
> the javascript executed when the xul is loaded, and also independently
> the "load" handler that's run when a new browser is opened) in a
> try/catch and output errors if any to the console.

That is very strange. The default behavior of Mozilla is to report
unhandled exceptions to the JavaScript Console (we're talking about
the JavaScript console here, right? -- as opposed to the command line
console?). And as far as I know, I'm not swallowing any exceptions...
I routinely get all sorts of initialization errors from GM in the JS
console. There is no need (and in fact it's bad form) to additionally
wrap the initialization code and rethrow exceptions.

Perhaps your other extension is eating the exceptions at a higher
level? By handling window.onerror perhaps? Again, this would be easier
to debug with specifics.


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