[Greasemonkey] 0.4.2 - last call before open beta

Aaron Boodman zboogs at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 09:18:37 EDT 2005

> 0.4.2a1 moved the location of the scripts directory outside the
> extensions tree and deleted everybody's scripts, re-introduced an old
> problem with forward-defined functions, and introduced a new scope
> chain (which, as it turned out, introduced a new security
> vulnerability).

* The scripts were already getting deleted, on every reinstall, on
Deer Park - this version didn't introduce it. This was due to a
redesign of extension manager by Ben Goodger including a change to how
uninstallation is handled. 0.4.2a1 moved the scripts directory outside
the extension tree to *fix* this problem. Unfortunately it isn't
possible to migrate the scripts directory on Deer Park, which is what
my mail about manually moving was for.

* The scope chain change was trying to address some concerns that
people on this list had, for compatibility.

* The change to scoping regressed the forward references inadvertently.

> 0.4.1a3 changed the scoping chain, which closed the security
> vulnerability introduced in 0.4.2a1 but broke at least 2 of my scripts
> which I had modified for Deer Park compatibility under 0.4.1a3 or
> 0.4.2a1.

I'd like to know what specifically broke them.

> Please, for the love of God, let the 0.4.x.y.z line die a quiet and
> well-deserved death, and call the next public release "0.5".

I don't really know what you mean by this. What difference does the
number make? I only increased it so that versioning could work.

I'm sorry that stuff regressed for you but isn't that sorta what
happens when you're trying trying to write a book against a piece of
alpha software? I'm trying to fix bugs and respond to your guys'
requests here, not tinker because I have nothing better to do.

If you give me the details on how stuff broke, I can fix it. Whinging
is less productive.


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