[Greasemonkey] Re: document.forms broken in 0.4.2 on DPa2

Mark Pilgrim pilgrim at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 16:42:35 EDT 2005

On 7/29/05, Aaron Boodman <zboogs at gmail.com> wrote:
> This has been covered in a previous set of mails. See:
> XPCNativeWrapper limitations.
> On 7/29/05, Simon Willison <swillison at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Most recent GM from the list running on Deer Park alpha 2 - the
> > document.forms collection isn't available. Additionally, document.x
> > as a shortcut to access a form with name="x" fails.

I'm successfully using document.forms.  However, document.forms[i].foo
is definitely broken by XPCNativeWrappers.  You'll need to use


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