[Greasemonkey] find_feeds.user.js - version 0.9

Jeff Barr jeff at vertexdev.com
Sat Jul 30 17:06:17 EDT 2005

Here is my first attempt at a GM script:


This is somewhat special purpose. Basically, it scans each
page looking for the link tags which denote an RSS or Atom
feed. When it finds some, it checks in with Syndic8.com to
see if the feeds are already in the Syndic8 database.
If they are in the database, nothing further happens. If
they are not in the database, a small popup informs the
user that new feeds are present, and offers to Suggest
them to the Syndic8 database. This can be done either
in the current tab or in a new tab.

Interesting features include dynamic UI construction,
use of GM_xmlhttpRequest, and XML parsing.

Since this is in beta, it still has logging turned on.
The DoLog variable controls this, but you'd have to
edit a local copy in order to change it.

Most of the people who would use this are probably members
of the Syndic8 user community. As soon as GM 0.5 is official,
I will make sure that they know all about GM and about
this script.

There is an interesting little privacy issue with this
script that could get people's hackles up. Once it is
installed and enabled, it calls Syndic8 with a list of
all feeds found on that page. If I were evil (which I
am not) I could use these to log a person's browse
history.  I don't log them (other than what Apache
logs when the request is made to my server). I would
be very interested in people's thoughts on this. I
suppose it would be possible to set things up to call
Syndic8 through an anonifying proxy, but that would
introduce an additional dependency.

Comments and feedback on the functionality and on the
coding style would be great. This is my first GM script
and the first non-trivial piece of JavaScript that
I've ever written.

I had a ton of fun writing this and I think the future
for GM is really bright. Thanks Aaron for building this
cool extension, thanks Mark for DIG, and thanks to
Jesse from Book Burro, who got me into this in the first


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