[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkey is breaking fastback

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 22:37:21 EDT 2005

Aaron Boodman wrote:
> Yeah, this is one of the biggest known issues I'm going to leave in
> Greasemonkey for 0.5.
> My justification is that Deer Park is still alpha. I work with the
> fellow who is implementing fastback and there still might be changes
> added that make GM work without us having to do anything. Or changes
> which make us have to do dramatically less to fix this than we would
> as is.
> Essentially, it's just a matter of resources. They even said that I
> could get in there and do it myself, thought that might be less than
> productive.
> Though now that I think of it, there might be an easy workaround.
> Maybe I can look into that tonight.
> I'd like to punt on anything like that which could potentially break
> 0.5 seriously until we get it out the door.

Hmm. Well, okay. I really did like fastback, though.

Well, thank you for an otherwise great extension, and I hope that the 
workaround works out. :-)

Replace the point in my email address with a period to reply. ;-)

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