[Greasemonkey] "Manage User Scripts..." not working?

GuidoZ uberguidoz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 12:41:23 EDT 2005

SUCCESS! =) Disabling Compact Menu worked. Actually, it's not too
terribly difficult to use both extensions. All I had to do was
customize the toolbars, remove Compact Menu, then restart Firefox. At
that time the "Manage User Scripts" starting working. I figure once
I'm done editing scripts, I'll just move the Compact Menu back to the
toolbar, then restart again.

GM works flawlessly even with Compact Menu in use, I just can't access
the options under "Tools" for GM. (I can still install scripts with
the right click and the scripts all seems to work perfectly.) I can
definitely live with this small inconvenience to have both extensions.
Thanks everyone very much for the assistance! I'll continue to monitor
the mailing list and help out if I can.

Peace. ~G

On 7/31/05, GuidoZ <uberguidoz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Awesome info - I'll first see if removing Compact Menu help (I love
> it, but not as much as GM!). If not, then I'll go for v0.5.0 and see
> if that makes a difference. I did stumble across the script directory
> earlier when trying to troubleshoot. I made a backup at that point...
> Being I couldn't use the Manage Scripts, I simply deleted a script out
> of that scripts directory that I didn't like - would that harm
> anything? (From what I could see, it shouldn't.)
> Thanks for all the help - I'll certainly let you know how it turns out.
> --
> Peace. ~G
> On 7/31/05, Aaron Boodman <zboogs at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Meanwhile, you can live edit scripts by finding your profile
> > > directory, then (in version 0.4.3 (I think)) and higher there's a
> > > gm_scripts subdirectory.  Note that changing the metadata section has
> > > no effect, but any other changes you make should.  In versions lower
> > > than 0.4.3, you have to dig a little deeper:
> > > profile-dir/extensions/{e4a8*}/chrome/greasemonkey/content/scripts,
> >
> > To do the equivalent of updating the metadata, change config.xml. If
> > you crack it open and look at what's already there and copy that. The
> > format is pretty simple.
> >
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> > Aaron
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