[Greasemonkey] MouseHole

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Sat Sep 3 02:36:08 EDT 2005

Nikolas Coukouma wrote:
> Jason Bailey wrote:
>> Thought you guys might want to see this...
>> http://gamingfox.blogspot.com/2005/09/mousehole.html
>> A guy came to me asking for my permission to converts one of my
>> scripts into mousehole script (I already gave him permission), so
>> thats how I came across it.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Jason Bailey
> We've gone over this before:
> They can not interact with the browser or run in with elevated 
> security of any sort. None of the GM APIs are available, so you can't 
> access other sites or have persistent storage (storage would be 
> inaccessible after injection). Yes, you can still modify pages and 
> that is good. 
Sorry, I think I launched into the usual rant there. To be a bit more 
Scripts would run on the proxy and could query other servers and access 
storage. For later interaction, they could add Javascript. The 
limitation is that you can't mix the two; so lazy loading isn't 
possible(?), which primarily affects performance. For example, Book 
Burro for Mousehole (Book Hole?) would have to finish querying all of 
those pages and the browser would have to wait. Maybe if you knew how 
the proxy was addressed you could put this off (tricky with NAT) ...

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